Visiting Auditors

Rice University welcomes visiting students, including Alumni/Rice degree recipients, who are non-credit seeking and interested in auditing a course. Auditing students should introduce themselves to the instructor of the course and ensure that they meet the audit requirements for that course, as defined by the instructor.

    How do I apply?

    STEP 1
    Find a course you want to audit on (make sure to select the correct term before you search).

    STEP 2
    Search the instructor's name on to find their email address. Email the instructor the Visiting Auditor Registration Form and request their signature approval.

    Once you have the signed form, you can upload it directly in your application.

    STEP 3
    Complete the online application and submit it with the $50. If you have already started an application, you can return to it here.

    Upload all of the required forms to your application:

    1. Financial Responsibility
    2. Visiting Auditor Registration Form
    3. Proof of Meningococcal Vaccination Record or Waiver (if under 22 years old)

    International students should be prepared to submit their international documents including copies of Passport, Visa Stamp, I-94, I-20/DS-2019 (if applicable), and the Office of International Students and Scholars Check-In Sheet.

    STEP 4
    Attend the course and enjoy!

      Frequently Asked Questions

        When do I need to apply?

        Audit students will need to follow the deadlines as outlined on the Academic Calendar. The deadline to turn in the completed application would be the "last day to add a course" date on the Academic Calendar.

        What is the cost of auditing a course?

        An audit fee is charged for the privilege of auditing, and Rice alumni may audit a course at a reduced rate. Please see the Cashier's Office website for tuition/fees for audit students.

        What will my transcript look like?

        Upon completion, the audited course will appear on the student's transcript with a grade of either "AUD" or "NC" (see Grade Symbols). There are no credit hours associated with audited courses, and auditing a course does not affect a student's GPA.